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Video: Self-Proclaimed Prophet Cindy Jacobs Claims an Angel Made her Travel Arrangements

On a recent broadcast of Generals International 'God Knows' TV program, self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike were discussing the existence angels "that want to take care of you," reports (video below).

Jacobs recalled that when she traveled to Venezuela, there was nobody there to pick her and her friends up at the airport at 10 p.m. They had no money, no calling cards and did not speak Spanish.

Jacobs said: "So we were sitting there just praying in tongues and this short little nice Latino man came up and said to us in perfect English: 'We are here to welcome VIP guests.' So he went to the telephone and called the hotel."

"All of a sudden in a lull in the conversation, he goes, 'Oh and by the way, my name is Louis and I'm an angel... from up there.' He arranged for the hotel to send a driver out for us. We turned around to thank the man and he was gone."


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