Video: Reverend Bob Larson Exorcises 'Gay Demon' from Man

The Reverend Bob Larson has been casting out demons for years as part of his ministry, but a video (below) of him exercising a gay demon out of churchgoer recently surfaced.

Larson, who claims to have done more than 15,000 exorcisms, has recently signed with Lifetime TV to get his own reality show, 'The Real Exorcist,' reports the Daily Mail.

The video of Larson exercising the gay demon, appears to be from the 1990s, but is just now going viral on YouTube.

In the video, Larson tells his audience: "I loose him from the curse of homosexuality, as the man snarls and growls.

The man almost drops to his knees, arms flailing in the air, as Larson apparently drives the homosexual demon out of his body.

After the exorcism, Larson Pitches his TV audience a three-video set for $59 to help viewers escape "the six strongholds of Satan."


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