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Video: Rev. William Owens Compares President Obama to Judas

Rev. William Owens, founder of the Coalition of African-Americans Pastors, on Tuesday, compared President Barack Obama to Judas, who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver (video below).

Rev. Owens said at the National Press Club: “The President is in the White House because of the civil rights movement, and I was a leader in that movement, and I didn’t march one inch, one foot, one yard for a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman.”

“So the President has forgotten the price that was paid. People died or they suffered or they gave their blood to have equal rights in the United States. And for the homosexual community and for the President to bow to the money, as Judas did with Jesus Christ, is a disgrace and we are ashamed. We will not take it back. We will not back down. We are going to take action across this country to change the course that this President has us in.”

Rev. Owens, who consults with the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) as a liaison to black churches, has launched a national campaign urging African-American voters to oppose the reelection of Obama.

Documents released in March, revealed that NOM planned to “drive a wedge between gays and blacks” to prevent same sex marriage from becoming legal.


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