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Video: Rep. Walter Jones Opposes Grant Money to Buy Muslim Books for Library

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) recently criticized the grant money that the Craven Community College New Bern, North Carolina will soon receive because it will be used to buy books to expand the library’s Muslim culture collection (video below), reports

Rep. Jones told WITN-TV: “I want to treat it fairly and I think too many times the Christian faith is not treated fairly. If they want to have book about the Muslim’s faith, let’s have equal number of books about Judeo-Christian [faith].”

Rep. Jones added that he has nothing against Muslims: “[Congressman] Keith Ellison from Minnesota is a friend of mine and he’s a Muslim."

Rep. Jones said that he has written a letter to a local Christian organization, asking them to provide an equal number of Judeo-Christian books to offset the new Muslim books.

Judy Eurich, Director of Marketing, Communications and Development Liaison at Craven Community College, told WITN-TV: “Anytime we have an opportunity to apply for a grant that’s going to either give us money or resources to enhance our library collection, that’s an important resource to us.”


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