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Video: Rep. Michele Bachmann Claims Pres. Obama has "Enforced Islamic Speech Codes Here in the United States"

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) spoke this morning at the Values Voter Summit, where she attacked the Obama administration for supposedly catering to radical Islam, reports

Rep. Bachmann mentioned a decision by the FBI to eliminate hundreds of bigoted, anti-Islam documents from its training materials.

Rep. Bachmann said that the Obama administration had enforced "Islamic speech codes here in the United States" and that government agencies were being "brainwashed in political correctness towards Islam...all done by our president and secretary of state."

She added: "This administration has virtually outlawed understanding who the enemy is and the president seems insistent on apologizing for who we are as Americans."

Rep. Bachmann gave no examples of President Obama apologizing "for who we are as Americans."


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