Video: Radio Host Jack Armstrong Tells Listeners to Create Anti-Mohammed Ads

San Francisco radio personality Jack Armstrong asked his listeners to create negative ads of the Islamic prophet Mohammed and send them to the Al Jazeera television network, which serves the Middle East (video below).

Armstrong, co-host of KSTE'S Armstrong & Getty show, suggested the ads would help Muslims who riot to “grow up.” A similar provocation resulted in the death of the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three members of his staff, reports Fox40.

Armstrong said: "Some of you people that are good with the computer make an anti-Mohammed ad post it to Al Jazeera. We need to swamp them with ads until they grow up."

However, Bay area Muslims see Armstrong’s reaction as degrading.

The management of KSTE, and the General Manager of Clear Channel, which owns KSTE, declined comment.


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