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Video: Pat Robertson Believes Republican Base is Too Extreme

Speaking on 'The 700 Club,' host Pat Robertson said that too many in the Republican Party have shifted too far to the right, which may cost them politically (video below).

Robertson said: “I believe it was Lyndon Johnson that said, ‘Don’t these people realize if they push me over to an extreme position I’ll lose the election?' Those people in the Republican primary have got to lay off of this stuff. They’re forcing their leaders, the frontrunners, into positions that will mean they lose the general election.”

“You appeal to the narrow base and they’ll applaud the daylights out of what you’re saying and then you hit the general election and they say ‘no way’ and then the Democrat, whoever it is, is going to just play these statements to the hilt. They’ve got to stop this! It’s just so counterproductive!”

This was an odd admission coming from Robertson, well-known for his controversial comments. His most recent claim was that President Obama was "inciting people to revolt," but offered no evidence to back up his claim. In 2010, Robertson claimed that Haiti had made a "pact with the devil," which caused their natural disasters.


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