Video: Pat Robertson Accuses Sandra Fluke of "Committing Sin"

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Today on the '700 Club,' televangelist Pat Robertson claimed that Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke was asking for $3,000 a year for contraceptives to commit sin (video below), but failed to provide any proof.

Fluke has never said whether or not she is sexually active, but did say that contraceptives are important not only to prevent unintended pregnancies but also for ovarian cysts, hormonal disorders and early menopause. She stated that birth control can cost an uninsured woman $3000 yearly.

Robertson said: "You know there was a woman, the law student at Georgetown University who appeared before a congressional committee, and she said that students needed $3,000 a year for contraception and that they couldn’t afford it."

"As I understand, the Catholic school was supposed to pay for it. Now Catholics say that fornication, if you will, sex outside of marriage, is a sin. This woman is saying ‘I’m going to be committing sin, but I want you to pay for my sin.’ Now am I overstating that? Rush Limbaugh got a little bit over the top on that thing, but is that what it amounted to?"


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