Video: Pastor Ron Baity Suggests Gays Should be Prosecuted

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Pastor Ron Baity, of Winston-Salem's Berean Baptist Church, has come out in support of Amendment One, which would change the state's constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

During a Sunday sermon, Pastor Baity called homosexuality as "a perverted lifestyle" and suggested that gay, bisexual and transgender people should be prosecuted under the law as they used to be, reports

Pastor Baity said: "For 300 years, we had laws that would prosecute that lifestyle. We've gone down the wrong path. We've become so dumb that we have accepted a lie for the truth, and we've...discarded the truth on the shoals of shipwreck!"

North Carolinians will go to the polls today to vote on Amendment One, which is likely to pass.


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