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Video: Pastor Matthew Hagee Says Gay Marriage is Society's "Divorce" from God

Pastor Matthew Hagee, of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, answered questions from viewers on this week's 'Hagee Hotline' (video below).

One question came from "Zack" who asked why there is such a focus on homosexuality when the Bible says all sins are equal, reports

Hagee responded: "All sin is not equal in its consequence... but when we as a society choose to condone a behavior like homosexuality and homosexual marriage, which the bible says is an abomination before God in the book of Leviticus, then we as a society have separated ourselves from God." 

"The reason the church is focused on this issue is because it is a divorce from the created mankind against its creator who set in all things its own natural order… homosexual marriage has a far greater impact on the nation that stealing or lying, which an individual on their own commits."


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