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Video: Pastor Matthew Hagee Opposes Gun Control Because of Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890

On this week's broadcast of the 'Hagee Hotline,' Pastor Matthew Hagee spoke out against gun control because the federal government confiscated guns back in 1890 during the massacre at Wounded Knee, reports

Pastor Hagee recalled that 297 of members of the Sioux Indian tribe were killed by government forces and claimed that this is what happens "when the federal government attempts to confiscate firearms and take from Americans their liberty."

Pastor Hagee said: "They were on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation when federal agents came to confiscate their firearms. They came to confiscate the guns of the Sioux Indians under the purpose of giving the Sioux Indians; safety and protection. After a majority of these peaceful Indians had turned in their firearms, a shot was fired and 297 were soon claimed. Two thirds of the of casualties were women and children."

That account is not entirely true. The U.S. calvary confiscated the Sioux Indians' guns because they feared an uprising by the Indians over the land that the U.S. had stolen.


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