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Video: Paralyzed Since 1987, Healer 'Cures' Delia Knox?

A woman who was paralyzed for 23 years got up and walked after a preacher "cured" her at a church.

Delia Knox, 46, lost the use of her legs after being hit by a drunk driver on Christmas Day in 1987. She has been in a wheelchair ever since. During a visit to British healer Nathan Morris, who was appearing at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, Alabama, Knox began to regain feeling in her legs. She's shown on video getting up and walking with assistance from two other church members.

"'Christmas for me has normally been a time where I had to really focus and worship the Lord and rejoice because it brought back bad memories of the anniversary of the car wreck," Knox told British newspaper The Daily Mail. "This Christmas will be much different though! Jesus has healed me and I'm ready to celebrate and worship him with everything I have."

After 23 years without moving muscles and tendons in her legs, I find it hard to believe that Knox would be able to make walking motions, or even put consistent weight on her legs, even if her nerves weren't damaged. Unless this truly is a miracle, it's likely this is a hoax.


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