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Video: NYPD Police Officers Beat Unarmed, Shirtless Ehud Halevi in Jewish Synagogue's Youth Center

A recently released video (below) shows a New York police officer beating a shirtless man, Ehud Halevi, in the basement of the Aliya Institute youth center in Brooklyn, New York.

On October 8, two police officers were called by volunteer security guard Zlamy Trappler, who found Halev sleeping in the youth center's lounge, reports the Daily Mail.

The video seems to show an unidentified male police officer trying to arrest Halevi. At that moment, Halevi looks like he refuses. From there, the male officer punches Halevi numerous times, while a female officer uses pepper spray and a truncheon against Halevi.

The beating continues until eight more officers arrive to restrain the unarmed, injured man.

The NYPD has not yet responded to the video, but some sources told CrownHeights.Info that the man was allowed to stay at the center.


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