Video: Mitt Romney's Angry Defense of Mormonism Goes Viral


No one has really questioned Mitt Romney's Mormon faith during this election, but back in 2007, Romney was confronted by Jan Mikelson, the conservative radio host of WHO-Iowa.

After Mikelson challenged Romney on abortion, Romney vehemently defended himself and his religion off the air.

In fairness, the video was recorded without Romney’s knowledge during a commercial break.

The 2007 video has gotten over 2 million views on YouTube after being released last Wednesday.

In the video, Romney explains the Mormon view on Missouri’s role in the apocalypse and how the Mormons believe that it is possible to personally oppose abortion, yet not impose that belief on others, which was exactly Catholic Vice President Joe Biden's defense during his debate with Rep. Paul Ryan.

Romney says: “We are vehemently opposed to abortion, ourselves, and for ourselves, but we allow other people to make their own choice.”


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