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Video: Maryland Marriage Alliance Says Gays and their Supporters Are "Worthy of Death"

Maryland Gov, Martin O’Malley signed the state's same-sex marriage bill into law in March, but opponents quickly gathered enough signatures to force a statewide ballot inititiative to decide its fate.

Should Maryland vote in favor of legalization, it would become the first state to do so by popular vote.

According to the most recent polling data, 52 percent of likely voters suggesting they are in favor of allowing gays and lesbians to wed, compared to 43 percent who oppose.

In response, the Manna Bible Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, held a town hall meeting on October 19 with the Maryland Marriage Alliance to build support against the gay marriage vote (video below).

At 37:50 on the video (below), Pastor Robert Anderson says marriage equality will lead to prostitution before then suggesting that both gays and their supporters "worthy of death" per the last verse in chapter one in the book of Romans in the bible.

Pastor Anderson said: "Whatever happened to sin? It is not fair to open up a back door to legalize prostitution. It is not fair to open up a back door to possibly legalize bestiality. It is not fair to open up a back door to possibly legalize polygamy..."

"But there is one verse I really wanted to drive home and then I'll stop. That's in Romans chapter one. It's the very last verse... Knowing the righteous judgement of God that those who practice such things are deserving of death ... For those who also approve of those who practice those things.." 

The other panelists nod and exclaim "Preach!"


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