Video: Liberty Counsel Praises Debunked Anti-Gay Parenting Study as "True Science"

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The Liberty Counsel, a law firm associated with Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, recently praised a debunked New Family Structure Study (NFSS) from the University of Texas at Austin that concluded children raised by same sex parents fared worse than children raised by straight parents (video below).

On Monday's 'Faith and Freedom' radio broadcast, Liberty Counsel’s Steve Crampton said: “True science always seems to me to reinforce and strengthen what the scripture tells us from the start."

Co-host Harry Mihet added: “That’s right. And we have known that from a common standpoint all along. There are things that a mom is uniquely equipped to teach a daughter and there are things that only a dad could teach a son that you can not replace or dispense with.”

“Sadly enough, I think there’s been a co-opting of the institutions. Experts mostly come to the table today with a particular bias. It’s not so much about truth, it’s about the furthering of a particular agenda. So you have a wealth of what we call ‘junk science’ out there.”


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