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Video: Liberty Counsel Claims Banning Guns Will Make People Build Bombs

On the Liberty Counsel's 'Faith and Freedom' Christian radio program today, host Matt Barber claimed that the "Left jumps on the opportunity, they're almost drooling and can hardly contain themselves... to exploit tragedies and push their goal that is to completely disarm, trample over the Second Amendment and disarm America" (video below).

"We see it again. They're using the Sandy Hook tragedy, they're using the theater shooting in Colorado and other tragedies in order to completely disarm law-abiding citizens and criminalize gun ownership by law-abiding citizens."

Staver claimed that taking away guns won't stop school killings because people will use knives or massive fertilizer bombs like Timothy McVeigh did, reports RightWing

Staver and Barber blamed the real problem on a "moral crisis in America" because the government has removed prayer and the Ten Commandments from the schools.

Neither Staver and Barber mentioned that some students prayed during mass shootings and still died.


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