Video: Kirk Cameron Suggests U.S. is Heading Towards Dictatorship


On the Trinity Broadcasting Network, actor Kirk Cameron suggested that the United States was ready to follow a dictator like Adolf Hitler (video below).

Cameron and evangelist Ray Comfort  were discussing Comfort’s 2011 pro-film '180: Changing the Heart of a Nation.'

The film compares abortion to the extermination of Jews by the Nazis.

Comfort noted that Hitler rose to power thanks in part to his vow to rebuild Germany and save the country from debt.

Cameron added: “He was promising them hope and he was saying he was going to turn things around. It’s just chilling to me because, you gotta be careful, but I think of our country right now,”

“We’re not billions of dollars in debt, we’re trillions of dollars in debt. We’re $16 trillion in debt and we want to turn things around. You’ve got to be careful because this is sort of the condition that could provide the platform for someone to step up like that and say, I’ll give you back your dignity, I’ll give you back your this and your that.”


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