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Video: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News' Outrage over the 'War on Christmas'

On the 'Daily Show,' host Jon Stewart mocked Fox News and its outrage over the supposed 'War on Christmas' tonight.

In the beginning of his segmant, Stewart said Christmas can only be “defended only by the brave souls at Fox News” (video below) such as Gretchen Carlson, who wondered aloud if she was "crazy" to think there was a War on Christmas.

Stewart added that New York City is a “godless, secular, gay, Jewy, and hellbound," but is decorated as if “Santa’s balls exploded” all over the city, reports

Stewart pointed to all the stores that sell Christmas items and all the Christmas specials, including a Flintstones Christmas special.

Stewart joked: “There’s a Christmas special celebrating Jesus’ birth thousands of years before the birth of Jesus.”



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