Video: Joel Osteen Says "Scripture Condemns" Homosexuality, Claims He Didn't Choose to be Straight

During an interview on CNN, televangelist Joel Osteen said that homosexuality was a sin and not “God’s best" (video below), reports RawStory.com.

Host Soledad O’Brien asked Osteen how he could claim to be uplifting to LGBT people: “When you’re talking to your 45,000 people in your service and some of them are gay, you’re saying to them, ‘You’re a sinner.'"

Osteen answered: “That’s what I believe, that the scripture condemns it. It says it’s a sin, but it also says, you know, lying is and that being prideful is.”

“I know I have not chosen to be straight, I feel like that’s who I am. I don’t understand all those issues so, you know, I try to stick on the issues I do understand. I know this: I’m for everybody, I’m not for pushing people down. … I don’t know were the fine line is, but I do try to stay in my lane.”


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