Justin Vacula recently paid the town of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania $50 to hang an atheist banner, created by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, for a week, as a public protest against the city for allowing a Christmas tree, nativity scene and menorah to be displayed on public property.

However, on Thursday, WNEP-TV filmed Joe McDonald (pictured) climbing 30 feet up to where the banner was hung, cutting it down and replacing it with an American flag (video below).

McDonald told WNEP-TV: “I just think in the light of the elementary school massacre in Connecticut, that we shouldn’t be divided as a country over petty stuff like is there a God or isn’t there a God. If they wanted to put the sign down here with us, that’s fine because we’re united. But to put it above everybody? No, it’s symbolic.”

Vacula said he plans on reporting the incident to the Wilkes-Barre police department.


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