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Video: Interfaith Clergy Protests Lowe's Boycott of 'All-American Muslim'

Last week, hardware giant Lowe’s caved to the Florida Family Association and pulled its ads from TLC’s reality show 'All-American Muslim.' Following that decision, a storm of controversy has led to calls for boycotts and a national outcry.

Today, a group of interfaith clergy plans to deliver 200,000 signatures to Lowe’s headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, “asking the home-improvement retailer to apologize for pulling ads from a TV show about Muslim Americans.”

The coalition behind the petition-gathering includes activist and faith-based groups “Faithful America,, CREDO, Sum of Us and Groundswell.”

In a video posted on YouTube (below), two cast members of the show, Nader and Nawal Aoude, said the fallout from Lowe’s decision has helped give the show more attention and brought communities closer together.

“Honestly, I just want to thank this Florida Family Association for doing this,” Nawal said, “because I think what they were trying to do has totally backfired big-time.”


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