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Video: Growing in Grace International Claims World Will End on June 30, 2012

A religious sect called 'Growing in Grace International' is putting up billboards in ten different countries, including the U.S., to warn folks that the end of the world is near, specifically on June 30 (video below).

Growing in Grace International is led by Jose de Luis de Jesus, who claims to be the antichrist and requires the faithful to get a 666 tattoo. 

Born in Puerto Rico in 1946, de Jesus is a former petty-thief who had a conversion in 1973, when he claims to have seen two angels coming down to him.

de Jesus teaches that people should call him "dad', it is wrong to follow the teachings of Jesus, and that people should study the teachings of the Apostle Paul, who was a disciple of Jesus.

Alex Poessy, of Growing in Grace International in Canada, said: "That day, the body of Jose de Luis de Jesus, who is a human like you and me, his flesh is going to be immortal. He's going to be living forever. And that will happen to him, but also his followers. All those that are not believers are going to be destroyed."

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