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Video: Glenn Beck Compares Mitt Romney to George Washington, Guided by God

Conservative Glenn Beck was depressed by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's performance in Monday night's final debate, but suggested on his radio show that Romney was following God and was just like George Washington, reports (video below).

Beck said: "I don't know if it was the right thing, but I believe he's being guided. I believe he feels it's important to be less contentious. It may be that he is doing exactly what the Lord wants him to do right now."

"Many of us who have been walking down this road for a long time wanted him to eviscerate the president last night, metaphorically speaking."

"But our ways aren't necessarily his ways, and I hope and pray and believe that Mitt Romney is trying to seek out his ways. Last night, you saw somebody who took the stage who appeared to  me to be George Washington."


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