Video: Fox News Warns About the 'War on Christmas'


It wouldn't be Christmas without Fox News' annual report on the 'War on Christmas.' has put together a montage of attacks on Christmas, which decry the secularization of the holiday season by atheists and “left wing loons.”

The video montage (below) includes the decision by Santa Monica, California to discontinue its 60-year tradition of displaying Christmas nativity scenes, which Fox blamed on "atheist bullies" who are "vehemently intolerant."

Fox News host Laura Ingraham opined: "Jesus is used to this," while Bill O'Reilly asked “Are these atheists ruining Christmas for the kids?"

There are also clips about the cost of Christmas shopping, the difficulty in renting a car, what to do if someone is choking on holiday food, germs on planes while traveling to see loved ones, union bashing and a school that is in hot water for taking kids to see the 'Charlie Brown Christmas' play at a church.


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