Video: Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Compares Supporting Gay Marriage to Crucifying Jesus Christ


Former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt recently claimed on 'The David Pakman Show' that people who vote to support same sex marriage are the same as those who wanted to crucify Jesus Christ (video below).

Klingenschmitt also paraphrased one of Jesus Christ’s sermons: "Broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter into it, but narrow is the road that leads to eternal life, and only a few find it,” reports

He added that the growing acceptance of gay marriage in the U.S. is “a massive rebellion against God."

Klingenschmitt also said: “It does say in Romans 1:32, ‘Knowing the judgment of God that those who commit such things, homosexual acts, for example, are not only worthy of death, not only for those who do them, but for those who have pleasure in those who do them.’”

Klingenschmitt, who claims to exorcise demons out of gay people, also promoted his self-published book 'The Demons of Barack H. Obama.'


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