Video: Focus on the Family Slams Selena Leffew and Her Two Gay Dads


In a video (below) posted on YouTube, Selena Leffew sings of her love for her two gay adoptive fathers, Bryan and Jay.

However, the video was not well-received by Focus on the Family's Director of Family Formation Studies Glenn Stanton, who recently wrote an article on National Review Online, slamming the two dads for putting their daughter in a "sharply crafted social statement to influence the public debate on the nature of family."

Stanton also claimed that the two dads have "positioned Selena to the front of the culture war as a gay-family apologist."

Stanton writes:  

If their family is just like any other family — a normal day-in, day-out family just like yours — then why is their series called “Gay Family Values” and not just “Family Values”? You see, while they want us to see them as a normal family, they don’t want us to see them as just like any other family. And they are quite proud of that. That’s the whole point of the video.

... If their family and situation is normal, then why make the video? No two families are entirely the same. Imagine the television family, the Waltons, making a similar video with youngest daughter Elizabeth singing to us, “Sure we have lots of kids. My mom and dad work at home and our grandparents live right here with us. And if they ever have to, they can be our mom and dad too.”

When a family has to explain that they are just like any other family, it is a strong sign they are not. And those who feel compelled to explain probably don’t even believe it.


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