Video: Family Research Council Protests Gay Men in U.S. Tourism Ad


Family Research Council president Tony Perkins recently warned that an advertising campaign for tourism to the US is also being used to “highlight same-sex attractions.”

The 'Discover America' ad (video below) includes a song by Rosanne Cash, pictures of an interracial couple, two Muslim women in a city, people celebrating a Hindu festival and a man with his arm around his partner on a bus for two seconds.

Perkins said on his daily radio address: "The commercial invites people to America-not to see the Grand Canyon, but to celebrate homosexuality. In one scene, a gay man is sleeping on his partner's shoulder in a trolley. The actors said they were specifically recruited to add a 'homosexual presence' to the commercial."

"According to Brand USA, the ads were supposed to 'open up some minds as to what America really is.' which, based on this commercial, is a country of radical values and backwards priorities. I suppose this is part of the President's push to 'rebrand' America. It's just too bad he used a travel ad to feature so much cultural baggage."


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