Video: Family Research Council Pres. Tony Perkins Attacks Hate Crime Laws that Protect Gays

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Family Research Council President Tony Perkins recently attacked hate crime laws, which protect homosexuals, at the 'Under God: Indivisible' conference, sponsored by Glenn Beck (video below).

Perkins recalled that when he was a Louisiana state legislator, he tried to fight a hate crime law in 1997, but there was a lobbyist for the homosexual community who helped pass the law, which protected people based on sexual orientation, along with race, religion, disability and gender.

At the time, Perkins claimed the hate crime law would lead to an “indoctrination of our children in schools and the loss of religious freedom and the freedom of speech,” according to

Perkins did not actually mention any specific incidents where students were indoctrinated into homosexuality or lost their religious freedom or freedom, as a result of the hate crime law.


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