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Video: Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, Head of Christendom College, calls Obama a "Clear and Present Danger"

Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, the president of Christendom College, a Catholic institution in Front Royal, Virginia, lamented the re-election of President Obama and called the Obama administration a “clear and present danger," reports (video below).

O’Donnell said; "With this administration there remains a very clear and present danger, so to speak, so much that we hold and cherish as Catholics will be attacked. We’ll see an increased assault on marriage and family life, and those attacks will increase in their intensity."

"Homosexual relationships will be held up as the new normal and certainly these will be advanced with an even greater passion. Contraception and abortion, the sacraments of the new morality, will be aggressively promoted here in our country, sadly not only here but around the world as well."


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