Video: Dr. James Dobson Warns of America's Possible Collapse


Over two years ago, Dr. James Dobson left (or was ousted from) his ministry and radio show 'Focus on the Family' to start a new radio program called 'Family Talk,' which he co-hosts with his son Ryan Dobson and LuAnne Crane.

Marking the two year anniversary of Family Talk, Dobson issued warnings (video below) of cultural catastrophe and then requested donations.

Dobson said: “The Judeo-Christian system of values upon which our country was built is being decimated day by day” as “the biblical truths about marriage, morality and childrearing are under attack by powerful forces throughout the popular culture.”

Dobson warned that unless people “stem the tide of deception and apathy” then his grandchildren will be left with a “culture that is devoid of righteousness."


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