Video: Documentary Says Public Schools are Hurting Christianity

A new documentary (video below) argues that public schools are part of the “government controlled education monopoly” that is leading to the “decline of Christianity in America.” 

The film 'IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America' was released on DVD on October 18. According to the website, the producers will soon be going on tour with public screenings.

“People are starting to wake up to the damaging effects of a government controlled education monopoly,” says one of the directors, Colin Gunn, in the press release. Gunn was born in Scotland and now lives in Texas, and was himself homeschooled.

The Christian Post reports:

The film follows Gunn and his family as they take a three-week road trip in a 1988 Chevy school bus to visit sites that pertain to education in America. It addresses the philosophy, history and practicality of the public education system, Gunn said, and shows a side of the system the media and schools don’t show.

“The bus became a symbol for the public school system, partly because it broke down so frequently,” Gunn told The Christian Post. “Our philosophy of the public school system is it is something that can’t be fixed. It is something that Christians need to walk away from.”

“We believe that education should be fundamentally Christian and biblical from the start,” he said. “There’s no neutrality in education. It is either for Christ or against him.”

The movie's trailer says that “90% of Christian parents send their children to public school. Many church leaders approve. Others are concerned.” It adds: “We are losing the culture war of the worldviews.”


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