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Video: Debunked Historian David Barton Says Preachers Should Direct State Legislatures

Debunked historian David Barton spoke at the Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida, over the weekend, where he made some astounding claims (video below).

Barton called for preachers to begin each state legislative session in every state with prayer. He also wants every state legislature to be directed by a preacher, who would handle every issue according to the laws God set out in the Bible.

Barton said: "There are 613 civil laws in the bible. They cover everything through immigration through economics through taxation… they cover military, education.. there's nothing we deal with today that the bible doesn't address."

Barton also claimed that a preacher could tell 35 states how to get out of debt with good taxes, not "bad taxes" such as the "capital gains tax."

Barton added that immigration could be solved with the book of Leviticus, but failed to mention that Leviticus was written solely to the children of Israel.


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