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Video: Debunked Historian David Barton Rewrites Jesus Christ's Words to Attack U.S Tax System

Debunked Christian historian David Barton recently appeared on the TV program 'Fixing The Money Thing' with Gary and Drenda Keesee, where he rewrote the words of Jesus Christ in order to attack the U.S. tax system, which he believes taxes the wealthy too much, reports (video below).

First, Barton quoted Luke 19:26, which says: "I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away" and then literally rewrote Jesus' words on the air.

Barton said: "Jesus' position is that if you can turn a profit, we're gonna red ward you for turning a profit. If you're not productive, we're not gonna reward you."

Barton then attacked the U.S. tax code: "Now what we do with our tax code today is we say 'the more profit you turn, the more we're going to penalize you. The less productive you are, the more we're going to give you.'"

Barton then falsely claimed that only the industries which were government-regulated failed in 2008 and had to be bailed out through TARP and the Stimulus Package while "the free market did pretty good."

What Barton failed to mention is that every industry in the U.S. is regulated to a certain degree.


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