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Video: David Barton Claims God Will Come Out of Heaven to Oppose U.S. Economic System

Appearing on faith healer Kenneth Copeland's 'Believers Voice of Victory,' debunked historian and Christian conservative David Barton claimed to know "the way God says the government should do economics" which was "God wants government to stay out of economics" and "reward those who make a profit," reports

Barton added: "In America, we say wait a minute, you made a profit, we're going to take it away from you. And by the way, you're so incompetent. we're going to give you a bail out... and there's no way God is going to bless that ... because we're not following his laws." 

Barton then claimed that God is "actually going to come down and oppose" it, coming straight out of Heaven to say "what's going on down here? This isn't what I ordained."

Barton failed to cite one verse from the bible backing up his claims.


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