Video: Church Sues Julie Anne Smith for $500K For Negative Google Review

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The Beaverton Grace Bible Church in Beaverton, Oregon is suing Julie Anne Smith for $500,000 after she posted negative reviews on Google and DEX calling them a “cult.”

Smith told KATU-TV (video below): “I thought, I’m just going to post a review. We do it with restaurants and hotels and whatnot, and I thought, why not do it with this church?”

Smith said that after leaving the church a few years ago, the pastor instructed members to shun her family: “If I went to Costco or any place in town, if I ran into somebody, they would turn their heads and walk the other way. All we did was asked questions. We just raised concerns. There’s no sin in that.”

In their 54-page lawsuit, Beaverton Grace Bible Church claimed that Smith had defamed them by using words like “creepy,” “cult,” “control tactics” and “spiritual abuse.”


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