Video: Christian Students Protest Vanderbilt University

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Christian students at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, have organized a video campaign (below) to protest the university's new policy, which bars campus groups from selecting members and leaders based on faith requirements.

The video, titled 'Leadership Matters for Religious Organizations,' features several university students, alumni, and sponsors speaking the importance of electing religious leaders to the university's student run organizations.

The video also claims that the university allows Greek organization to "discriminate" for leadership and membership positions.

Students distributed video MP4 players featuring the clip to classes, faculty and staff from 10 locations on the university campus on Wednesday. They also plan to deliver copies of the video to members of Vanderbilt's Board of Trustees, who are to meet sometime next week.

University officials continue to stand by their policy, which they say was initiated to prevent discrimination, and is not an issue of religious freedom.


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