Video: Christian School Withdraws Job Offer to Gay Teacher Jonathan Zeng

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Cincinnati, Ohio musician and music teacher Jonathan Zeng says that he was offered a job at Cincinnati Hills, a K-8 non-denominational Christian school (video below).

However, Zeng said that when school officials called him back for a second interview on the same day, they asked if he was gay.

When he said "yes," they reportedly retracted the offer.

Zeng wrote a letter to the school’s board of trustees detailing his experience. In it, he expressed shock that the Christian school didn't want him working there: "I had no idea the school held such a viewpoint.”

WCPO-TV, contacted the school, who disputed Zeng’s account of the events, but then claimed that it is not their policy to discuss employment matters: “CHCA keeps confidential all matters discussed within a candidate’s interview. We’re looking into this matter, although the initial information we have seen contains inaccuracies. We will not be discussing individual hiring decisions or interviews.”

Currently, no federal protections exist for LGBT people in the workplace. In Ohio and 28 other states, it is legal to fire someone on the basis of their sexual orientation.


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