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Video: Christian Pro-Oil Activist Cal Beisner Claims Jesus Christ Supports Drilling for Oil, Coal, Natural Gas

Christian pro-oil activist Cal Beisner, of the Cornwall Alliance, appeared on American Family Association's radio show this week and claimed that Jesus Christ's 'parable of the talents' in Matthew 25:14-30 somehow meant that God wants Americans to drill for oil, coal and natural gas (video below), reports

Beisner said: "The unfaithful steward... was the one who buried his talent in the ground and didn't do anything with it to multiply it.  That's essentially what those who say we need to stop using oil, coal and natural gas are telling us to do. 'Just leave those resources buried in the ground, rather than pull them out and multiplying their value for human benefit.'"

However, Jesus was not speaking of oil in Matthew 25:14-30, but rather people using their God-given abilities and wealth in the service of God, not human benefit.


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