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Video: Christian Historian David Barton Rewrites the Second Amendment

Debunked Christian historian David Barton appeared on yesterday's 'The Glenn Beck Program,' where he rewrote the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution for guest host Tim Ballard.

Barton claimed, without proof, that the Founding Fathers originally called the Second Amendment "the biblical right of self defense" and wrote it so that citizens could protect themselves against the government with equal firepower, reports

Barton said: "So the ultimate goal of the Second Amendment is to make sure you can defend yourself against any illegal force that comes against you, whether that's from a neighbor, an outsider or your government."

"Whatever the government has got we got to have the same thing... So the whole purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure you have equal power against whatever comes against you illegally. Equal power... has got to control the gun control debate."


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