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Video: Christian Historian David Barton Claims Arming Kids Prevents School Shootings

Glenn Beck and his guest debunked Christian historian David Barton debuted a new show called 'Foundations of Freedom' on Blaze TV last night (video below).

During the show, Barton claimed there were hardly any school shootings in the 1800s because all of the kids carried guns to school, reports and

Barton said: “The great example, in the 1850s you have a school teacher who’s teaching. A guy, he’s out in the West, this guy from New England wants to kill him and find him. So, he comes into the school with his gun to shoot the teacher, he decides not to shoot the teacher because all the kids pull their guns out and point it at him and say, ‘You kill the teacher, you die.’ He says, ‘Okay.’ The teacher lives. Real simple stuff.”

“There was no shooting because all the kids, we’re talking in elementary school, all the kids pull their guns out and says, ‘We like our teacher, you shoot our teacher, we’ll kill you.’”

Beck added: “Kids did not shoot each other."

Barton concluded: “Two accidents I have seen in 200 years of everybody having guns. It just didn’t happen."


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