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Video: Cardinal Francis George Calls Gay Marriage an “Affront to Reason"

Cardinal Francis George and six bishops in Chicago wrote a letter on Tuesday to their followers, which called same sex marriage “an affront to reason and the common good of society.”

The cardinal and bishops urged their followers to lobby state lawmakers to vote against the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would legalize same sex marriage in Illinois, if passed, reports WGN 9 News (video below).

Cardinal George wrote: “Does this mean that the Church is anti-gay? No, for the Church welcomes everyone, respects each one personally and gives to each the spiritual means necessary to convert to God’s ways and maintain friendship with Christ.”

“[No] matter how strong a friendship or deep a love between persons of the same sex might be, it is physically impossible for two men, or two women, to consummate a marital union.”

Cardinal George added that gay marriage is “an affront to human reason and the common good of society."

“We will all have to pretend to accept something that is contrary to the common sense of the human race. Those who continue to distinguish between genuine marital union and same-sex arrangements will be regarded in law as discriminatory, the equivalent of bigots.”


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