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Video Calls On "Muslim Hackers" To Wage Massive Sept. 11 Cyber-Attack Against U.S., Israel

A mysterious video that appeared on YouTube earlier this week threatens a cyber attack against America and Israel on September 11. In an English-language message, read by an automated voice, a purported group calling itself “AnonGhost” calls for “Muslim hackers” to wage the attack.

“We are the same people who f****d you on April 7,” declares the video, which in its text misspells the name of the Jewish state as “Isreal.”

In April, a group or individual promising to “erase Israel from the internet” waged an attempted cyber-attack against Israeli government web servers. Though the Israeli Foreign Ministry described the attack as a heavy one, it failed to bring down any Israeli sites.

Only the Foreign Ministry site became inaccessible, but just for a few seconds as Israeli officials said they were able to fight off the cyber attack.

According to estimates, Israel is ht with about 100,000 cyber attacks per day. During recent wartimes, the number reaches one million.

The new video taunts its presumably Israeli and Ameican viewers, saying, 'There is no Israel on this map. No one recognizes you because it is Palestine.”

The video includes footage of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, and warns, “America, Israel, we will show you.”

According to the video, the hackers have titled this new threat, “#OpIsrael #Reborn” while the video declares “Free Palestine” and includes a prayer in small text reading, "May Allah help out hackers and mujahideen."

SOURCES: Jerususalem Post (2), Arutz Sheva (2), YouTube


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