Video: Bishop Harry Jackson Suggests Voting for Pres. Obama is Voting for "All Kinds of Crazy Stuff"

Appearing on CBN, on Friday, Bishop Harry Jackson answered a question on whether or not African Americans should vote for Mormon Mitt Romney or Christian Barack Obama, reports RightWingWatch.org.

Bishop Jackson said: "At this juncture, I would say this, I would support someone whose values line up with clear Biblical mandates on the big issues of the day, versus I'll stay home, I won't vote and let an anti-God, anti-church agenda go forth. That my friend, is like the old story of Nero fiddling while Rome burns."

Bishop Jackson then added, sarcastically, "If you can vote for abortion and you can vote for the redefinition of marriage, you want to vote for two men marrying, or open the door for two women and three men and all kinds of crazy stuff. If you can do that and the Holy Spirit can be with out in the ballot box, more power to you. I cannot."


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