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Video: Billy Graham's Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Says Pornography is a Sign of End Times

Speaking at the Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem, Israel, Anne Graham Lotz, evangelist and daughter of Billy Graham, claimed that the end times are here.

She quoted from the bible, Joel 1:6, and compared a locust plague with the pornography industry, and said that pornography is an “invasion” upon the land.

Lotz said: "The locust invasion that destroyed the land, was like an army, but was not a human army. So then I was asking myself, what non-human army is invading our world and destroying it?"

"Just like that I could think of pornography. Invading our land and our nation, just subtle, seeping corruption, destroying the fabric of society, tearing apart healthy relationships and families, the very bedrock on which a nation is built. Pornography makes more money in a year, than apple, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Amazon, combined. That’s a disaster."


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