Video: Billy Graham's Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Says Pornography is a Sign of End Times

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Speaking at the Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem, Israel, Anne Graham Lotz, evangelist and daughter of Billy Graham, claimed that the end times are here.

She quoted from the bible, Joel 1:6, and compared a locust plague with the pornography industry, and said that pornography is an “invasion” upon the land.

Lotz said: "The locust invasion that destroyed the land, was like an army, but was not a human army. So then I was asking myself, what non-human army is invading our world and destroying it?"

"Just like that I could think of pornography. Invading our land and our nation, just subtle, seeping corruption, destroying the fabric of society, tearing apart healthy relationships and families, the very bedrock on which a nation is built. Pornography makes more money in a year, than apple, Microsoft, Google, eBay, Amazon, combined. That’s a disaster."


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