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Video: Bill O'Reilly and Deepak Chopra Slam Atheist Richard Dawkins

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly recently invited writer and lecturer Deepak Chopra to help him “take on” atheism (video below).

“So what do you say to a guy like (Richard) Dawkins?” O’Reilly asked, before asking if Chopra had ever spoken with Dawkins face-to-face.

“Oh, yes,” Chopra replied. “He ambushed me when I was at Oxford. He used a subterfuge. Channel 4 called me, said ‘We want to do an interview,’ I went to the interview… and it was him!”

O’Reilly then asked: “Why didn’t you kick his butt?”

Chopra, who believes in an unspecified spiritual being, said that Dawkins uses scientific credentials to “mask his bigotry.” The men also claimed that Dawkins resorts to emotional responses rather than fact and logic.


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