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Video: American Family Association Says Democrats Portray the NRA as "Crazy"

American Family Association (AFA) spokesperson Bryan Fischer accused the Democrat Party on Friday of portraying National Rifle Association members and Second Amendment supporters as "crazy" and "insane" (video below), reports

The AFA is a conservative Christian organization that often attacks President Obama, homosexuals and health care.

Fischer said on his radio show: “A number of Democrats [are] talking about the fact that NRA supporters, NRA leaders, people who support the Second Amendment, are crazy. They’re using that word: they’re ‘insane.’ They’re ‘lunatics.’ They’re ‘nuts.’”

Fischer expressed alarm that President Obama mentioned mental health in his 23 executive orders: “Already you’re starting to see this template laid, that if you believe that you have the right to protect you and your family with lethal force if necessary, there’s something mentally imbalanced about you.”

However, Fischer failed to mention that NRA Exec. VP Wayne LaPierre called for a national database for the mentally ill during his December 21, 2012 statement on the Sandy Hook shooting.


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