Video: American Family Association Says Democrats "Despise Christianity"


During his daily two-hour radio program, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer said that the Senate vote against the Blunt Amendment, which would restrict birth control insurance coverage, was proof that Democrats hate Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ (video below).

Fischer said: "Do not misunderstand this, ladies and gentlemen, Democrats and liberals despise Judeo-Christian morality. They despise historic Christianity. The despise the truth claims of the Bible. They despise the truth claims of Jesus Christ. They despise the truth claims of the Judeo-Christian tradition and they will stand in its way any chance that they get."

"We cannot exist half-gay and half-straight, as a nation. We can't do it any more than we could exist half-slave and half-free, as Abraham Lincoln said. We cannot do it. We cannot endure half-gay and half-straight. We're going to have to make a choice between the two because liberty and the homosexual agenda cannot exist."


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