Video: American Family Association Says Blacks on Welfare are "Drug-Addled Addicts"

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Yesterday on 'Focal Point,' conservative Christian American Family Association radio host and executive director Bryan Fischer claimed that the “Democrat Party” got black people hooked on government welfare like “drug-addled addicts” who “hook up with their supplier once a month and get their fix” (video below).

Fischer said: "The Democrats as a party, I believe, they want slaves, they want Americans to be as slavishly dependent upon the central government as slaves were upon their masters in pre-Civil War days, that’s what they want."

"The Democrat Party is handing out stuff, basically getting them addicted. It’s like the government is one big giant methadone clinic and they’re just handing out these injections to people in the form of welfare benefits to get them hooked, so they got to hook up with their supplier once a month, they got to get their fix, they got to hook up with their dealer on a street corner once a month and get their fix from the federal government. They’re like drug-addled addicts and the Democrat Party has gotten them addicted to welfare benefits."


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