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Video: American Family Association Compares 'Mix It Up at Lunch Day' to “Poisoned Halloween Candy"

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer appeared on CNN this morning and  said the Southern Poverty Law Center’s 'Mix It Up at Lunch Day' is much like “poisoned Halloween candy" injected with cyanide.

'Mix It Up at Lunch Day' is asking students at schools to sit with kids whom they would normally not sit with, in order to cut down on bullying, reports and

The American Family Association is a conservative Christian organization, headed up by Fischer, who said on CNN: “It’s an attempt to push the normalization of homosexual behavior in public schools and to eventually punish students who would express a Judeo-Christian view of sexuality.”

"It’s interesting to me that they are doing this on Oct. 30, the day before Halloween, and what this program is, it’s like poison Halloween candy. Somebody takes a candy bar, injects it with cyanide, the label looks fine, it looks innocuous, it looks fine."

CNN host Carol Costello told Fischer how there was no mention of homosexuality in 'Mix It Up at Lunch Day,' which has been going on for 11 years.

Fischer claimed that “homosexuality has the same risks associated with it as intravenous drug use,” but was cut off by Costello who said: “That’s just not true. I’m going to end this interview now, sir, because that’s just not true. Mr. Fisher, thanks for sharing your views, I guess.”


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